TSS – Chapter 18: The Mock Battle with the Guild Master Begins.

Translator: Haruto.

The next morning, I decided to sneak out of the castle and visit the adventurers’ guild. I spent no less than ten years in the sticks so it’s about time I renew my adventurer card.

If I had brought the other three with me, I’m certain a commotion would have broken out in the guild. That’s why I chose to secretly leave the castle by myself.

“Excuse me…”

There are many adventurers who like to march to their own drum. Some return to town late at night, and others prefer to do so at the break of dawn. In order to accommodate all of them, the guild remains open 24/7.

At the moment, the guild is full of adventurers who’re getting ready to depart. They’re all wearing neatly polished armors, and you can see both anxiousness and excitement in their eyes.

No one seems to know me here since there was no reaction when I entered the guild. Well, at the end of the day, I’m just your average old man, so this is how it should be.

I walk further in and then wait in line at the counter. Maybe it’s because of how early it is, but the line is rather short so I think my turn should come soon enough.

“Next, please.” Alright, they’re calling me already.

I approach the receptionist, show her my card and say, “Um, I’d like to renew my adventurer card.”

“A renewal, I see. Um, your name is… Alize?!” The moment she reads my name, her eyes widen in shock. And hearing her shout like that, everyone focuses their attention on me.

Well, shoot… I came so early in the morning because I didn’t want to stand out too much, and yet now I’ve got a bunch of curious adventurers rushing towards me and watching my every move.

The receptionist seems to regret having caused such a commotion, but she continues regardless, “Err, the thing is… when an adventurer wishes to renew their adventurer card and they’re A-rank or higher, they must participate in a mock battle to prove that their abilities haven’t changed.”

Huh, this is my first time hearing about it. Probably because it is also my first time renewing my adventurer card since I reached A-rank.  

Hearing what the receptionist just said, the adventurers begin to chat excitedly among themselves.

“Did you hear that?! We’ll get to see Lord Alize in action!”

“He’s the man that trained the Great Heroes! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

“I don’t care if I’m late for my quest! I’m staying here to watch that battle!”

Hmm, this is a rather bothersome turn of events. But since the mock battle is a requirement to renew my card, there’s nothing I can do about it.

“And who’ll be my opponent?”

“You’ll be fighting our guild master, Baran-sama.”

The moment the other adventurers hear that name, their excitement rises even more.

“He’ll fight Baran-san?! The former S-rank adventurer?!”

“Aah! I’m so lucky I came in early today!!”

You can hear comments like those coming from all directions.

I just let out a sigh, nod to the receptionist and say, “Alright. Can we have that mock battle right now?”

“We must check with Baran-sama first, but I believe so, yes.”

Another receptionist then runs up the stairs to the guild’s second floor, and in the meantime, the girl that was talking with me guides me through a few standard procedures to double-check my identity.

A few minutes later, Baran-san begins walking down the stairs while mumbling sleepily, “Who’s the idiot that wants to have a mock battle with me so early in the morning? If they just want to mess with me, they’re in for a world of pain.”

I’m just a regular old man but I hope he’ll realize I’m not here to mess around… As I wait for him to reach the bottom of the stairs, we make eye contact.

“It must be you, huh… You’re the guy that’s famous for being the master of the heroes, right?” Baran-san asks with a wild smile on his face.

Well, it looks like he’s not sleepy anymore.

“Yeah, but I really didn’t do much. Those girls got to where they are today through their own efforts.”   

“Hm… So you’re not one to brag, huh? Nice, that’s my kind of people.”

Great, from the looks of it, he doesn’t think I’m just another guy trying to put on airs.

“Alright, let’s get the mock battle started, shall we? Man, I haven’t been this excited in a while.”

I feel like his excitement is wasted on me, though. It’s not like I’m amazing or anything, so I’m worried I’ll betray his expectations…

And so, followed by multiple onlookers, Baran-san and I make our way to the guild’s training grounds.  


“Now then, the rules are simple. You just need to withstand my attacks for five minutes,” Baran-san announces, standing in front of me and swinging a wooden sword around.

I was able to infer from his posture and the way he walks that he’s fairly strong. I don’t think I’ll lose but winning could also prove to be a challenge, so I’m glad I just have to endure five minutes of his attacks.

“Alright, I should be fine, then.”

“Ohh! Someone’s feeling confident. Most people would have wet their pants by now, you know?”

Well, he certainly is more intimidating than your average guy, but I think the same goes for almost all adventurers. Maybe I’m wrong?

Baran-san stops swinging his sword all of a sudden, looks at me, and says, “Time to begin. Are you ready?”

“Yeah, let’s do this,” I respond.

The receptionist from earlier tosses a coin, making it spin rapidly in the air. The battle will begin as soon as it lands.

The coin spins and spins until it finally reaches the ground, and Baran-san launches himself at me with incredible force.

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